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SAG Eligible
The Fugue (pre-production) Joe Roberts (Lead) Mori-Dog Movies
A Few Brains More Doctor D The Adrenaline Group
Silentium Est Aureum Jonas Portnoy (Lead) Mori-Dog Movies
Hellphone Adam Film Whisper/SV2 Studios
Eight Lessons in Living Together Roger (Lead) Turnip LLC
Letting Go Forrest (Lead) Morie-Dog Movies
The Last Night Madison's Father Joshua Baker FIlms
The Boarding House Norman (Lead) Vintage Cinema
Fistful of Brains T.W. Earp (Lead) The Adrenaline Group
After The Peak Armed Guard Turnip LLC
The Roommate Wilburt W. Cole (Lead) Visceral Films
The Forever Dead The Stranger The Adrenaline Group
Cell Prison Guard Quickening Productions
PURITY Rick (Lead) Everlong Films
SBI Meth Lab Raid (Training Film) Powers (Lead) Tarheel Training
The Monitor Bart (Lead) Everlong Films
The Longest 3 MinutesRoger (Lead) Turnip LLC
The Anniversary Voices: Frank and Edna Everlong FIlms
The Red Pet Large Larry (Lead) White Balance Entertainment
Cowboy Trails Satan (Lead), The Robber Circle M Productions
The Gentlemen Stealing Deacon (Principal) MBS Studios
Sins of the Jedi Galactic Citizen Evolution Entertainment
Dead Artist Bus Rider Turnip LLC

DraculaDracula (Lead)Sandhills Theater Company
The Foreigner Froggy LeSure Sandhills Theater Company
Communicating Doors Harold Palmer Sandhills Theater Company
The Miner's Daughter Barney (Lead) Footlight Players
Barefoot in the Park Paul Bratter (Lead) Encore Theatre Company
Harvey Duane Wilson Richmond Community Theatre
Send Me No Flowers First Passerby Richmond Community Theatre

Voice Acting: Character, Anime & Cartoon, various accents, Impressions, Whistle, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf, Soccer, Guitar (intermediate), Body Surfing, Swim, Bowling, Billiards, Weight lifting, Hand to hand combat, Screenwriter (Resume Available), Director (Resume Available).

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